New Orleans' victory in Super Bowl XLIV was more than just a victory on the gridiron as the Saints represented an entire region overcoming a horrible disaster.

The 2009 NFL betting campaign was one that belonged to the New Orleans Saints. The Saints were expected to do well last year, but they exceeded even their own expectations by posting the best offensive marks in the league and going on to win the Super Bowl.

The value of this stock can't possibly be any higher, but check out whether we are buying or selling the defending NFL champs to have a repeat performance.

New Orleans SaintsThe Blue Chip Stock: QB Drew Brees

Talk about a player that completely changed an entire city! When Brees signed as a free agent from San Diego, he was brought in to be the face of a franchise that was in shambles and was still trying to pick up the pieces from the natural disaster known as Hurricane Katrina. No, it wasn't a case of immediate success for Brees and the Saints, but all of that hard work finally paid off in 2009 with the city's first Super Bowl.

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Brees led the offense to a league best 510 points in the regular season, and threw for 4,388 yards and 34 touchdowns while starting just 15 of the 16 games. It marked the fourth straight year that the Purdue product threw for at least 4,300 yards, and was the sixth straight for passing for at least 24 TDs. No doubt about this one: 5*.

Stock Too Hot to Drop: DE Will Smith

Throw out all of the numbers when it comes to the New Orleans defense. If not for this unit the team wouldn't have won the Super Bowl. Smith was crucial in pressuring opposing quarterbacks all season long, recording 13 sacks and forcing three fumbles. His stats may not have been all that impressive in the playoffs, but ask Brett Favre how he liked Smith and his fellow defensive line mates chasing after him.

Sometimes it isn't about the actual stats themselves. Smith will surely be garnering a ton of attention this year after his massive 2009 season, and though lesser buyers and sellers are probably going to be getting off of his bandwagon if his sack total drops, the wise investor realizes his value.

Top Notch Coach Stock: Sean Payton

Just like when the Saints brought in Brees to be the face of the franchise, Payton was brought to the Crescent City to try to erase the memories of the poor coaches of the past in the Bayou. Though there have been some rough patches, no one is ever going to doubt his managerial skills after producing that onside kick out of the blocks in the second half of the Super Bowl that got the ball back for his offense and really swung momentum in the favor of the boys in gold and black.

Payton is probably the hottest coaching commodity in the NFL right now, and he is the 5* stock of 5* stocks in the coaching ranks.

Buying or Selling the New Orleans Saints

Like we said right at the outset, you're not going to expect the Saints to rise much higher than a 13-3 regular season and a Super Bowl, but this isn't going to be a stock that falls on its face either.  New Orleans is +760 at to repeat at Super Bowl XLV, second to the Colts' -525.

Brees and the cast of characters on the offense that we have come to love are all back, and producing 400+ yards per game should be a reasonable goal once again. Could this team score 600 points this year? We aren't ones to doubt it.

The NFC South is going to be an absolute cakewalk once again with the Saints heavy -200 favorites to take the division.  So we can already basically pencil in New Orleans as either the No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the NFC with a bye week for sure in the playoffs. The oddsmakers are going to give us the same perks that they did last year on this team before they started to roll through their schedule, but that doesn't mean that we still aren't heavy buyers.

If you were lucky enough to get in on New Orleans' stock before last season, there's no way you're going to want to ditch it now. If not, consider buying in, knowing that the value of this franchise is only going to keep going up, as this could legitimately be a dynasty in the making in the NFL.

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